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Q & A

Do I need a car? Can I walk in?
No. Due to COVID-19 Restrictions you must come in a vehicle with your family or those in your 'bubble' only. We do not have any areas for people without vehicles to sit.

May we bring our own food and drinks?
Sure! We will not have a concession stand at this event due to COVID-19 Restrictions

Am I required to sit in my car?
Yes. We ask that you please only occupy your vehicle

Where are the speakers?
We broadcast the movie’s audio over FM radio. You will need some form of FM receiver, whether it's your car’s stereo or some other portable radio. Many smart phones and MP3 players even have FM radio receivers.

Do I have to run my car for the radio to be on?
Check your owner’s manual. Most cars have an auxiliary power position in the ignition that allows the vehicle’s electronics to operate without the engine running. This is, of course, operating from the car’s battery power.

Isn’t running my radio going to drain my car’s battery?
Most car batteries provide more than sufficient juice to power a car stereo during the movie and still start your car for the drive home. If you are concerned about the battery being drained too much, you may wish to bring a portable radio that uses a power source that is not your car battery. We also do not supply outlets or sell batteries, so you will need to supply your own batteries if you bring a radio.

The movies are over and now my battery is dead! What do I do?
Don’t panic. It happens. We have a portable jump-pack on site. Ask one of the staff for assistance. We will be happy to help.

I forgot my radio! Do you have any?
No. Sorry, we do not provide any radios or batteries etc.

Why hasn’t the movie started yet?
It’s probably not dark enough. It is usually not dark enough until 20 minutes or so after sunset. During the height of the summer, this can get as late as 9:30pm.